Connects U! Newsletter 1

February, 2020 | Issue No. 1

Where is the Learner?

Ask yourself as a learning facilitator - where is the learner? Is s/he physiologically ready to learn?  Is s/he getting enough sleep, enough to eat, and living in an acceptable environment? Maslow has provided a great model for us to use when assessing the learner.  Connects U! is full of information that will assist the Learning Facilitator in providing supports for the learner.


Who Will You Mentor?

Most successful people have had a mentor. Even those who seem to be strong leaders on their own have been impacted by a trusted advisor who guided them along the way. For example, Abraham Lincoln, who we tend to think of stoic, strong and independent, was influenced by his mentor, William Mentor Graham. Who is your mentor? Who will YOU mentor?


Listen to the Learners

Recently, a group of learners and teachers joined IU8's Dr. Malynda Maurer at statewide educational conferences to share their experiences with mentoring. Educators attending the conferences were able to hear directly from students to learn about the value of mentoring. The learners did a spectacular job presenting, and we appreciate their contributions!

See the videos from these conference sessions.


focus on six important skill domains,

✓ address over 30 different topics,

✓ are modular - use parts you need most,

✓ are customizable - copy and edit, and

✓ can be used with individuals or with groups of learners.

This Month's Featured Lesson

Making Decisions

Making the right decision is important to our lives. Have you made good decisions or bad decisions?  This lesson will help you learn how to make good decisions.

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