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Teachers - We Need You!

The Importance of Teacher Presence

by Dr. Aiko Malynda Maurer, Director of Innovation, Incubation, and Development/CEO of CPDLF at Appalachia Intermediate Unit 8

Years of research and personal experiences have taught us that teachers who facilitate learning are essential in the learning process.

young teacher

Humans are social beings. While being social may look different among cultures, communities, or personalities, we all learn and grow when we are connected and interact with one another. In physical, virtual, or blended classrooms, it is the teacher that has the ability to beautifully orchestrate harmonious interactions that create a sense of belonging for each student while facilitating meaningful and worthwhile learning experiences. Remember these very important points:

  • A digital device does not orchestrate anything, it is a tool to assist with learning.

  • Content does not create a valuable learning experience, it is the foundation of knowledge necessary for learning.

  • A digital platform that contains content does not create a sense of belonging, the platform provides a way to organize and manage content to create a pathway for learning.

An effective teacher connects all the various tools, resources, and knowledge to create an authentic learning experience that engages the student emotionally, socially, and cognitively. This orchestration of interactions should look different between the physical classroom, the virtual classroom, and the classroom that blends the physical with the virtual. Whether you have been a teacher in a physical classroom who has suddenly found yourself as a teacher in a virtual world or you have been a teacher in a virtual world, check out these resources for tips to help you orchestrate beautiful harmonious interactions that let your students know you are present.

Whether in a physical, virtual, or blended classroom, let us never underestimate the power of the TEACHER!

To all the awesome teachers who are doing the best they can to create connections and build positive relationships that engage students in their learning so they can be empowered to be the best they can be - THANK YOU! We APPRECIATE you! We NEED you!

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